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G & B Contractors Ltd were asked to undertake a pilot scheme of some of a London councils most neglected kitchens to improve their decent home program. We took on 9 kitchens in total in a scattered property program.  All of these kitchens required full electrical rewires and most properties needed a new CCU installing. Most of these properties required several specialist trades including asbestos removals                           

The walls were in such a poor state that we had to strip back to the bare brick and treat for mould and years of neglect. Due to new health and safety regulations a lot of these kitchens were totally redesigned with the moving of plumbing and heating elements.

Due to the scattered aspect of these properties and the different trades involved, careful planning was required to fulfill this contract. We have now successfully handed all these properties back with a very happy clerk of works and extremely satisfied residents, some of which had the upheaval of kitchen and bathroom replacement at the same time.

The residents are very happy with our quality and workmanship and the polite and professional approach that we always take, as we 

 believe that each resident should be treated as a family member and looked after from start to finish.

Each kitchen design came with it’s own uniqueness and special requirements for each resident with changes and adaptions being made throughout the program                                                                  

One resident said to our resident liaison officer that she “can’t stop looking at her new kitchen, after 22 years in the same property, it’s like winning the lottery” they commended all our staff and thanked our Operations Director, Kerry Gable in person for the excellent finish that had been achieved. Another resident said he was “shocked at how quickly we finished his kitchen and bathroom” and how much it has improved his quality of life

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